Sunday, May 29, 2011

It has been forever since I have been here.

What a few months I have had. Had to have a hip redone that I first had replace back in 2008. That surgery was April 25, 2011. I can only say a redo is much worse than the original surgery, and here is it Memorial Day weekend, and I am still on the walker, and won't be off of it until I go back to see the surgeon the middle of June.

My weight loss journey has been going really well, and I had gotten myself off sugar and had been on plan, with planning, measuring, weighing and portion control for almost 2 full months. But, then it happened, I fell off the wagon and even though it was just one day, I feel hard. Good news is I have regrouped and yesterday was an excellent eating day.

Right now exercise is 30 minutes on the stationery bike, doctor said, do it. It does take me two tries to get my 30 minutes, I am doing 15 minutes twice per day. AT least I am doing something.

We have gotten a new leader at our Saturday morning group. I have not met her yet, but plan on giving her a chance to show me what kind of leader she will become. I have already gotten emails from others...and the woman has only been the leader for two weeks....they are ready to jump ship and look for a new meeting.

I think our old leader was ready for a change, and WW's and the cooperate office made it happen. Whether it was her choice or not.

That is pretty much the update. Hot weather has finally made it to Kentucky.