Monday, January 31, 2011


Insanity is doing the same thing the same way, but expecting a different result.

Recently I read that quote, and realized how true it really is. A friend of mine that I go to Weight Watchers with, helped me to see, that with this new WW program it is like the old one. Does not matter if I do stay within my points plus plan if I am still eating the franken foods I am still going to be struggling with the Yo Yo way of life.

Its not rocket Science as we say so often, it is all about making better choices. Do our bodies really need that entire box of Russell Stovers? I really don't think so, but a piece or two now and then won't hurt, but the secret to this is ''now and then" not every single day and maybe half a box instead of two pieces.

Yes, this is not hard, but we try to make it difficult.

Sunday, January 30, 2011


We are just about done with the month of January. January always seems like such a long month to me and I think it has to do with we are done with the festivities, the Christmas decorations are put away and life begins to get back to what it was. A bit boring. Good news is this will just put us closer to Spring time arriving.

I did much better last week with my food choices. Exercise is still not there, and I go in this Tuesday for my CAT Scan and Ultrasound on my hip. I am glad that no problems have been found, but I am not happy that I still have no clue why I am having all this pain. Just does not make sense.

Of course this is a small problem compared to the things other people have to deal with. My goal for this week is to stay focused and stay on track and not to dip into the 49 bonus points anymore. I made quite the dent in them yesterday.

If anyone comes by welcome, and hope your day will be a good one.

Monday, January 24, 2011


Every time I tell myself I am going to be better at my blogging, I seem to fall even further behind. This has been a very busy few weeks, and I have been dealing with hip pain, so that has kept me from the gym, as well as the cold and snow. But, after our Weight Watchers meeting on Saturday, I knew that everything I was saying was nothing but an excuse. Sure I can't make it to the gym, but I really think the thing that has made me gain the weight is the boxes of candy I have consumed. This is what a compulsive person does when they have no clue what to do...they eat themselves into a stupor.

Good news is, my eating is now on track. I'm tracking every morsel that enters my mouth. I've had to pay at our meeting for the past 3 weeks, and since we only have one more weigh in for this month, and that is this Saturday, I really want to be back at goal. If I work hard and watch every thing, get my water drinking in, I should do alright.

Its not the end of the world, but a new beginning.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I was reading an article the other day about how sometimes we get more support from total strangers than we do from those that are actually closer to us. We all have people that are not blood relatives that are as close or at times even closer than some of our family members.
There are times in our lives that when we make changes, we will share it with a friend way before we mention it to a family member, this happens especially when it comes to losing weight. So many times we have tried and failed at any number of weight loss plans and our family can have the look of, ''here she/he goes again," on their faces. But, if we share our hopes and dreams with our friends, they at times can be much supportive.
I have to admit Bob is very supportive of my goals, and he is the first one to tell me when I am driving the Struggle Bus, ''you will get past this." Then I have my Weight Watcher family, when I am struggling you all have always been there to help push me in the right direction. This I call a blessing.
So if your family is full of encouragement, and are not telling you, ''you just need a cheeseburger," then thank them, just as I am thanking all of you today. If your family Is not, then take some time today and let them know how much you need them to be there for you through this journey. Sometimes just by sharing what we need, we may well find the support will soon follow.
The thing we do have to remember is our friends and family are not mind readers, so we have a part to play in making our wishes known.

Monday, January 10, 2011


Have you looked in the mirror lately? Are you noticing any changes. Have you changed physically? Are you standing a little taller or maybe carry yourself a bit differently?
Maybe you have gotten used to wearing lose, baggy clothes or standing behind others in photographs, or even avoiding the camera at all cost. Is this you? Or was this you?
I have to admit, even at my heaviest I never was camera shy. I know, no one is surprised there. But too look back at those earlier pictures and now to look at the present day pictures, for me it is a real transformation. So I say NO MORE HIDING!!! No more being a wallflower, its time to come out of hibernation and show off all your hard work. What better time to shine than during the cold, gray Winter months.
Shine as if it were the first day of Spring.