Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm sorry...

I failed to thank Lisa (Loves wife) for stopping in to check out the blog site. Thank you Sister Lisa.

03-31-09.....What's your excuse??

Florence Nightingale, English Pioneer of Modern Nursing
Good Morning Dear W.W.F.F.,
Great quote. I bet each one of us could come up with at least 10 excuses we have had at one time or another for just about anything. Not to mention the 15 alone that we have used on our weight loss journey.
Now that I think about it and look back, all my excuses were just prolonging what would have been so much easier just to go ahead do the things I am suppose to do, and move on. I have a few of my excuses I want to share with everyone this morning. Lets see if any are familiar.
1. Today is Saturday, after my weight in, I'm going to go buy me a treat....probably ice cream or something sweet.
2. Hum, here it is Wednesday, and I'm still buying the ice cream????
3. Well, no one is seeing me eat this, so it won't count. (my all time favorite)
4. My whole family is overweight, so that will be my life as well.
5. I hardly eat a think, so how come I can't lose weight?
6. You know that Weight Watcher stuff may work for some, but it sure does not work for me.
I gave you all six here, but trust me I could come up with 26 of my old time, full proof excuses. When I say full proof, I had convinced only myself. Who else did I need to convince??
Lets make today the DAY OF NO EXCUSES!!!!!!!! Yeah, its Spring Break for a lot of people, yes, it vacation time, but do any of us really want to risk going backwards? Enjoy yourself, but don't go crazy. Crazy is not a good thing.
Tracking, Activity, Eating Healthy, and when you need to ask for help. Wishing everyone a great day.
Joan 3rd. Row
p.s. Thanks Sally, Rhonda, Dana, Jana & Randy for stopping in and checking out my blog.
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Monday, March 30, 2009

Don't be afraid...03-30-09

Dorothy Thompson, Journalist
Good Morning W.W.F.F.,
I trust everyone had a good weekend, even thought it was cold and dreary, AND the Cards lost the game yesterday, but all in all hope it was a good weekend.
Wanted to talk today about ''being afraid". I'm sure someone is either on vacation (hope your having fun Lisa B.) or this week is Spring Break for Jefferson County schools, so there maybe a trip or two involved there. We all seem to have this fear of ''oh no, not going to be where I can control what I put in my mouth". Well this is just not true, we are always in control of what we put in our mouths. The food may not be the healthiest there is, and I do understand that on occasion we are faced with that, BUT, go prepared.
1. Don't leave for a meal hungry.
2. If your on an outing, take some fruit, nuts something as not to be wanting to eat the napkins and menu when you do get to a place to eat.
3. Take a cooler along, have it packed with a bag of salad mix, throw in a bottle of low fat or fat free dressing, put some fruit in that cooler, and above all have plenty of stuff to drink.
When Bob and I do our little day trips this is what I do, that way we don't have to buy from the fast food places. I even make us turkey sandwiches.
There is no reason we have to fear going away from our comfort zone. I know I need to go down and visit my sister, here again one of the reasons I haven't is, she is a great cook and always has a wonderful dessert. It finally hit me when I read the quote. I don't have to be afraid, I don't have to eat the dessert, just like I DON'T have to eat Bob's Russell Stover's that is setting by his chair. We make the choice of what we put in our mouths.
A little fear is good, I do think it keeps us on track, but lets not turn into people that cannot enjoy an outing because we are afraid of what we may eat.
Be Strong & Live Long,
Wishing All a wonderful day,
Joan 3rd, row

Sunday, March 29, 2009

I have a new follower.

Welcome Jana, so good to see you found your way here. :>)

I'm tired

I have been to the gym, did 50 minutes on the elliptical and am pretty much worn out, but I will get my second wind.

How did we get there? 03-29-09

Good Morning W.W.F.F.,
HELPS YOU. Althea Gibson, Tennis Player
Thanks Rhonda for the wonderful book of quotes, and almost as soon as I opened the book the above quote caught my eyes.
We can't much of anything all by ourselves. Especially our weight loss journey . We need support from other sources. Again, thanks to all of you I have stayed with this journey. If it were not for this great group on Saturday and our wonderful leader, I would have been gone a long time ago. But, the support we give one another, it is just amazing, and I do think the word is getting out about what a great Saturday morning group we have, due to....has anyone noticed how many people are there on Saturday morning at 8 a.m??????
I think we all at some time or another wonders, ''how long can I keep this up". Well, to be a Lifetime member, I would say a Lifetime. :>) It's just good eating habits, getting in activity. Things if the entire country was doing we would not be having this obese problem. Its not rocket science, but from time to time I do think we try and make this much harder than it has to be.
So think about who or what has helped you alone this weight loss journey, and say thank you. Hope everyone has a great Sunday, and lets start this new week off on the right note.
Make it a Lighter week,
Joan 3rd. row.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

New follower....

Hey I have two followers now. Thanks Rhonda for stopping by.

This is ME today after going to Weight Watchers, and hitting a new all time low weight of 189.4. I just passed the 190's up all together.

Look out world, I am on a roll.

This is a picture of me taken last August on my birthday. August 1, 2008.

Look for upcoming ''NOW'' picture.
Gooooooddddd Morning W.W.F.F. (Weight Watcher Friends Forever),
First off, Toni we missed you, but Jennifer did a good job. You know how hard we are to control on Saturday morning, AND, your eardrums were spared my screaming........I PASSED THE 190'S AND WENT RIGHT TO 189.4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lisa B. we missed you as well and I rented your chair on the second row out to Jana this morning, :>).
We have three new ladies here for our daily e-mails. Welcome, Joan (another Joan), Sue & Mary. We really don't follow any type of format, just jump in anytime and anywhere.
I am slowly getting my blog up and running, and Kevin (oldest Stepson) has been such a great help with this. I am going to have before, during and now pictures on there. Going to try and do some recipes as well. Also if Joan, Sue or Mary want to catch up on these daily mails, I have them on my blog now.
Wanted to thank everyone for the great ideas this week on being more frugal. This day and time we can all use any and all good ideas.
That is about it for today, I'm still on Cloud 9, cannot believe I am now only 9.4 pounds from my goal of 180.
Hope everyone has a great weekend, GO CARDS!!!!!!!!!!!! Also Rhonda, thanks so much for my new book on quotes, you saved me, :>)
I don't believe in perfection. I don't think there is such a thing.. Reese Witherspoon
Don't try to be perfect, but do try and give it the best you can.
Hugs to all,
Joan on the 3rd. row

Friday, March 27, 2009

I have a follower...

I just saw the note, ''you have 1 follower". Well, I've never had a following, so had to go see who it was. Thanks Sally, you are too sweet.


Good Morning W.W.F.F.,
Here we are Friday and I sure don't have to remind any of you what tomorrow brings. Here again, I begin to wonder, ''have I done everything possible this week to insure a weight loss". Well lets see here.
1. I've tracked my food all week.
2. I did use 13 of my 35 bonus points.
3. I exercised at the gym 6 days, and walked the Mall 3 days.
4. I've stayed in contact with my Weight Watcher Friends, for extra support and motivation.
So looks to me as if I have done pretty good this week. All because the above things have become not only life changing, but habits as well.
When I began this e-mail writing it was just a fluke. I was up, had extra time on my hands, and thought, ''now want these people that I have their e-mail addresses get a kick out of this". I had no idea what a support group that would be forming here. We have a bond here, we all have at least one thing in common and that is we love to eat, and for the most of us, we loved to eat way too much. I'm glad I wrote that first e-mail that morning, and I'm even more pleased that just about every single day I hear something from one of you that a good thing has happened. I think this is a good routine/habit we have gotten into.
Joan 3rd. Row


Good Morning My W.W.F.F.,
First off Lisa B. is going to be on vacation the next couple of week. Lisa have a great time and a safe trip.
Here we are Thursday already, hope the week has been going well for everyone. Hope everyone is gearing up for Saturday's weigh-in.
I had an interesting conservation with a lady the other day. She is a w.w. member as well, but just can't seem to get her head in the game. She told me she was on a plateau and the more questions I asked and the more she talked, I soon found out it is not a plateau, but really bad choices. There was not tracking of her food involved, by the time her meeting rolls around she knows she's gained, so she doesn't show up for the meetings.
We all have made bad choices from time to time, not just in food, but since this is my w.w. morning e-mail, today those bad choices will be about food. As we talked, I found out that this person was going to McDonald's buying two sausage biscuits and eating both of them at least twice a week, and going out eating several times a week, and not making good choices there either. Well this is not a plateau, it is pigging out and making bad choices.
I had to think back and I can remember when I told myself, ''oh its that darn plateau thing". No it was not the darn plateau thing, it was my elbow bending too much and my mouth flying open to insert Bob's Russell Stover's candy.
I'm not saying we can never eat out, I'm not even saying we can't have the sausage and biscuit, but control, in portion sizes, and making better food choices that is one of the many keys we have to use to be successful with our weight loss.
Wishing Everyone a day of making good food choices,
See U Lighter,
Joan 3rd. row


Good Morning W.W.F.F.,
Here we are the middle of the week again. Only 3 days until we have our weigh in. Hope everyone's week is going well so far.
Yesterday was a beautiful day, and I was out and enjoying it most of the day. Watched part of the Biggest Loser last night, and have decided that this show has next to nothing about nutrition on it, its seems to be all about game play and hour after hour of extreme exercise. I have to wonder, how on earth do these people keep the weight off after leaving the ranch, if they have jobs to go to each day. Come on, working out more than 8 hours a day. No, not for me. Since the show didn't come on until 9 last night, I didn't see who got voted off, so if any of you all saw the show, fill me in.
Life is an amazing journey, and sometimes we are blessed with wonderful people we meet alone the way. I feel this way about each and everyone of you. It does not matter that I normally just see you all once a week, through this little machine, and as long as Insight is up and running ,I am connected to each of you. I just wanted to tell you all, how much I appreciate all the support you have given me and all the encouragement you have given me since I've been on this journey. I think sometimes I just don't say THANK YOU enough. So today, THANK YOU ALL, FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.
Wishing my Weight Watcher Friends Forever, a great day.
See U Lighter,
Joan 3rd, row

No Magic....03-24-09

Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals.
Jim Rohn

Good Morning W.W.F.F.
Love the above quote and it was loaned to me by my TISSter (like a Sister, but no blood relation) in Oregon. Thanks Nance.
Right now I have to admit my being able to lose weight each week has felt more magical than anything else, until I set down and think about just how I've been able to do this.
1. Following the plan
2. Getting in plenty of Activity
3. Going to meetings (which I did anyway)
4. Not making excuses anymore
5. WANTING IT SO BAD I CAN TASTE IT!!!!!!!!! Just thought of something here, bites, licks and taste count as points and I have no idea how many points a cup of WANTING IT BADLY is. >:)
When you really think about it, this really is simple, we just seem to get in our own way and then it becomes difficult, no it (at times) becomes impossible. BASIS FUNDAMENTALS, that is all we need to do get back to the BASIS.
Look over all the material we've been giving in the past, oh and remember the week 4 booklet...no need to thank me Toni...Never hurts us to go back and review. Instead of going for that whatever it is calling your name from the kitchen, pull out those booklets and see what you've been missing. Believe me it works wonders.
Wishing everyone a day filled with all the good things.
Joan 3rd row.

03-28-09 First Step

Knowing What you want is the First step to getting it.
Good Morning My W.W.F.F.,
Hope everyone had a good weekend. The weather was just beautiful yesterday, so maybe some of you got out for a walk. I went to the gym yesterday morning and did 65 minutes on that elliptical. Can we say, ''Joan needed a nap that afternoon" :>)
The above quote just fits into so many things in our lives, but for me it was with this decision I've been kicking around in my head since I got under the 200 pound mark. I've not even said a thing to Bob about this, so my W.W. family here is the first to hear about what has been rambling around in Joan's head. Oh Lord, that could be scary couldn't it.
I have set my goal weight for 180, but now I've been thinking, maybe I should go for 170, that way I would have lost 102 pounds on Weight Watchers alone, AND, I could write my name under the 100 pounds lost list. As of Saturday I am only 12.4 pounds from my goal of 180. So I've been thinking about this and when I saw the quote I realized, ''I have to know what I want". I've taken the first step already, that is how I got below the 200 pound mark.
This is how I get to the gym each morning before 5 a.m., I make the first step. Whether it is looking for a new job or even trying out a new recipe, we have to make that first step. So today, make that First Step in the right direction. Remember steps count as ACTIVITY.
Wishing everyone a great day,

March 21, 2009

Good Morning W.W.F.F.,
Has anyone besides myself noticed just how many awards and stars that Toni seems to be giving out each week? To me it seems as if in just the last couple of months every week we have someone either getting their 5# gone stars, a 16 weeks award, or they are making it to their Lifetime goal. So this is why I liked the quote Rhonda loaned me so much.
Believe in yourself and others will follow.
We are all followers whether we realize it or not. We continue to look toward someone or something to make us do better. I have found so many wonderful people right there on Saturday mornings that have believed in themselves enough to make it to their goals, and here I am wanting to follow them. I also admire those that were once lifetimes that may have hit a pothole in the road to good health, and have come back to get back to their goal weight.
All we need to do is look to our right, to our left, in front on the right side of the first row, where the teacher's pet set, lol lol, look behind and we are going to find people who believe in themselves, and I want to follow those amazing people.
Everyone have a great Sunday, and a great beginning of the week.

Saturday after Weight Watchers 03-21-09

Good Morning my W.W.F.F.,
We had a wonderful meeting today, but heck we have a great meeting every week. Rhonda, Cara, Michelle, we missed you all, and I don't remember seeing Denise there this morning either. So I shall send out the W.W. notes to you all shortly.
Today I am borrowing a quote that Lisa S. used today at the meeting, it rang so very true.
Get out of your own way.
Don't we all seem to get in our own way, we sure know when others are in our way, so I loved that quote, thanks Lisa S.
Our Lisa B. is going to be gone the next two weeks, going on vacation. Lisa B. you will be missed, but we shall continue the daily e-mails. :>)
Cara I did wear one new pair of my britches, and I did model my "butt" for the group. Probably the funniest thing today was when Miss Martha told me how much smaller my butt was, due to it used to hang over the chair, ha ha ha. Only a true friend could tell you something like that, Thank you Miss Martha.
Wishing everyone a wonderful day, and an even better week.
See U All, Lighter,

No Fear (03-20-09)

Good Morning W.W.F.F.,
I want to begin today by wishing Rhonda, Cara & Michelle luck with the walk tomorrow. We know you ladies are going to do just great, and we expect to hear the final results.
Edi will be gone this weekend as well, so Edi wherever you will be hope you have a good time.
You are only limited by your own fears and inaction.
How many of us were afraid to walk into yet another Weight Watcher meeting? Let me see the hands raising. For me I don't think it was as much fear as it was, ''well, here I go again trying something that I know is NOT going to work, blah, blah". I bet we all have at one time or another time felt this way. Some may call it dread instead of fear. That was what I always thought it was, ''just dread", but now I realize it was fear. The fear of failing yet one more time.
I lacked the "action" that it takes to achieve what I really want the outcome to be. Since the first of the year I have applied ''action", tracking, lots of activity and always asking myself ''do I really need that extra bite"? The result since January is I've lost as of last Saturday 16.2 pounds. Cara, I told you wrong last night, it was not 22 pounds. I'll take 16 pounds gone. I now know that I am going to see my goal weight of 180, there is no maybe, ifs, ands or buts about it, THERE IS NO FEAR, I am going to be there, and I have our lifetime members, here to help me alone the way, as well as the FUTURE LIFETIMES. No Fear, lots of Action!!!!!!!!!
See most of you tomorrow....SEE U LIGHTER,

First real post (03-27-09)

Have you ever wondered why some of us can just look at food and gain weight, and others can eat everything they can get their hands on and never, ever gain an ounce?
Well, I think about that. I also wonder if any of us are ever going to be happy with our bodies. When you think about it, we should be happy with our bodies no matter what, due to our bodies are a gift, and lets face it you don't want to ''return'' that gift.

Changing your thoughts.

Sent: Thursday, March 19, 2009 4:24 AM
Subject: Thursday

Change your thoughts and you change your world. Norman Vincent Peale
Good Morning My Dear W.W.F.F. (Weight Watcher Friends Forever),
First off I want to welcome a new member to our e-mail group. Gloria is a friend of Edi's. Gloria we hope you enjoy our early morning babble.
I thought of the above quote yesterday when I was having our van services. One of the ladies down at the place we go had not seen me in quite sometime, and the first words out of her mouth was, ''Joan, have you been sick"? So after the van was taken back she and I sat down and she was wanting to know just "What have you done, you look great, BUT, your so thin". Lord, people are telling me now I"m thin, what is up with that?
So of course I told her about doing Weight Watchers, and what a great group of women and support I have in this group. Told her our leader was just the best....Yeah, Toni, kissing up here, :>) I did all of this just to hear these thing.......
Most people that I've know that have done Weight Watchers put all their weight back on.
You just have to give up so much stuff.
I just don't have the time for meetings.
Her list continued on and on. Before I left I did invite this lady to just come out on Saturday morning and give us a try. Of course Saturday morning is when she sleeps in. Then I found the quote, and it was probably not meant as a Weight Watcher tool, but is it not true?
Change your thoughts and you change your world. We have to get rid of what I like to call, ''STINKIN' THINKIN''. Change is hard to do, but if its the right change its wonderful.
Wishing everyone a great day.
See U Lighter on Saturday,

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fw: Tuesday

Sent: Tuesday, March 17, 2009 4:25 AM
Subject: Tuesday

Move on.  It's just a chapter in the Past.  But don't close the book just turn the page.
Good Morning My W.W.F.F.,
The above quote is another one loaned to me by Rhonda, and it goes alone (I think) with yesterday's discussion.
I am sure all of us have had  things not to work out like we had wanted them to or even expected them to, but we don't necessarily stop, throw up our hands and say, ''I quit, I'm not going to do deal with this".
Yesterday I was on the phone with someone I have known for many years, and this person never had a weight problem until she hit her mid 40's.  To be honest she all but told me I was lying to her when I told her, ''I no longer weight over 200 pounds".  I even had to send her some pictures via the e-mail to convince her.  Of course the first thing she asked ''did you have the stomach by-pass", ''No, I have been doing Weight Watchers".
Her reply was, ''OH, I tried that for awhile".  I asked...''did you attend the meetings", ''Oh, No, I got the material and knew I could do it on my own".   Remember now, she left the door open and I walked in with my reply of, ''well gosh, how's that working for you"? 
Her next question for me was, ''how long has it taken you to get under 200 pounds"?  I told her, "I have been a work in progress, I'm going on 11 years, and this is my 4th year with Weight Watchers".   Her reply, bet you can guess....''OH MY GOD, THAT IS SUCH A LONG TIME".    My reply, ''In 1998, the last time you saw me, I was hitting the scale at a  whopping 327 pounds, as of this past Saturday I weight 193.4, I've lost 133.6 pounds gone, and how much did you say you weigh now"?  I explained to her that when I did join  Weight Watchers, I was down from 327 to 272 and 272 was my starting point with W.W.
This went on for awhile, and my Dear Bob knew that I was toying with this person, she happens to be one of those that not hearing from her is much better than hearing from her. ha.
As we all know there are something's in our past we will once in awhile go back and nudge to the surface, then there are those negative things such as this person that called out of the blue yesterday that are best to let that chapter go, turn the page and move on.   For me, I have chosen to move on.
Wishing everyone a great day,

Fw: Monday's Musing

Sent: Monday, March 16, 2009 4:18 AM
Subject: Monday's Musing

Good Morning My W.W.F.F.,
Hope everyone had a good weekend, and hope this week will be a good eating on points, food tracking, activity week for everyone.
Want to give a Thank You to Rhonda for sending me some quotes that I can use with my daily e-mails.  Oh, just wanted to let you know this morning I added ''Musing" to the subject line due to I'm trying it out to see if its something I can live with for a blog address.  Also Thanks Sally, Dana, Nance & Jenny for the names you all suggested.  Still no decision on a name.  It's like shopping, ha.
Now here is our thought for today, in fact you can use it all week long.
Our eyes are placed in front because it is more important to look ahead than to look back.
This really hit home for me, due to so many times I get into that thing of , I would of, should of, could of mindset, then what happens is things that can and should be taken care of in the present gets lost.  This  for me has been so much my weight loss journey.   Here is an example of how I would do things after my Saturday weigh-in.  All week I would think, ''boy, when I weigh in Saturday after the meeting I'm going to get this or that and eat it".   It's fine to have a day that you eat something's you know are not the best for you, but with me, it never stopped at one day.  I'd do Saturday, then Sunday, the entire time promising myself and God that I would get right back on track on Monday.  Never would happen the way I had it in my mind.  WHY??
I kept looking back.  I messed up, well I took an extra day, hum its just Monday I still have four days to get back on track.  See this is what looking back does for me.  Look ahead, that is where the prize will be.
Wishing Everyone a wonderful day,
See U LIGHTER!!!!!!!!!

Fw: Sunday

Sent: Sunday, March 15, 2009 5:27 AM
Subject: Sunday

Good Morning My W.W.F.F.,
Hope everyone had a good day yesterday, and got some great idea from the meeting yesterday that will help you this week, continue to stay on points, getting in activity and just being motivated the entire week. 
I found this quote by Zig Ziglar, and it seemed to really hit me, due to I have been thinking about the motivation thing for sometime now.  So here is the quote.
People often tell me that motivation doesn't last, and I tell them that bathing doesn't either.  That is why I recommend it daily.  Zig Ziglar
We all know just how hard it is to stay motivated, but if we wake up every morning telling our selves, we can do this, and if we do get out and get some activity in just how much better we will feel, not only about ourselves, but those around us will benefit as well.
To me this is what I am trying to do with my daily e-mails, not only to hopefully help keep you all motivated, but to keep myself motivated as well.  Trying to live healthy is hard work, losing weight is even harder, but the hardest of them all would have to be trying to maintain that goal weight.  Staying motivated I believe is the key to the success to all the things I just mentioned.
We have an entire group of great ladies on here, I say Ladies due to I still have not been able to get one of these to Melvyn.  Anyway, if you have a day when your struggling, e-mail someone, it doesn't have to be the whole group if you don't want it to be.  There is power in numbers, so look at all the power we have right at our finger tips.
Have a wonderful Sunday, and a great start to the beginning of a new week.
See You All Lighter,

Fw: Saturday Morning After Weight Watchers.

Sent: Saturday, March 14, 2009 11:02 AM
Subject: Saturday Morning After Weight Watchers.

Good Morning My W.W.F.F.,
First off I just want to say how very proud I am of not only the third row, but the entire group.  We are ''rockin & rollin" with the weight loss and the activity.  BTW, want to report that after I came home from the meeting, and got Bob what he needed I went to the Mall and did two trips, taking every single corner.  So I have gotten in activity and steps as well.
I for one cannot wait to get the rest of the story on our new goal.  If we have people walking in the A.M. & and then those in the P.M. when it gets time for the ''big'' walk with the Low fat head cheese, we will do that together, am I correct about this? 
I didn't see Sharilyn nor Betty there today.  Don't know if I just missed you guys, or if you were actually not there.  Let me know if you need today's notes.
That is it for now.  Good Luck Clare with the MRI today.
See Everyone LIGHTER,

Fw: Friday....Crunch Day

Sent: Friday, March 13, 2009 4:17 AM
Subject: Friday....Crunch Day

Good Morning My Good W.W.F.F.,
I just have to begin with saying Thank You to each and everyone of you that replied to yesterday's two e-mail.  I love the interaction when this happens.  We have questions, and thing are mentioned that actually make us stop and think a little.  So Thank You all for the replies.
Today is the day we all tend to be extra careful.  Oh not just cause it Friday 13th, but it is the day before we step on the scale for the week.  It also gives us time to stop and reflect on how our week has gone so far.  Maybe there will be lots of N.S.V.'s to report.  Our friend Sally e-mailed me last night, (you should have known Sal that I would tell on you:>O)   Sally had some size 14 pants hidden in her closet, so last night, she pulls them out, tries them on, and not only do they fit, but she can sit down and still breath with them on all at the same time.  Now that is what I call a N.S.V.   Plus it has Sally fired up to work harder due to she has her goal set, and Sally weighs in on Tuesday's.  Great going Sally.
Look for the small things and celebrate those as well.  Not every week is going to be a week the scale goes down, but if you have kept your tracker, if you have gotten in your activity, and watched your portions, then we know that we have done everything possible to have a winning outcome.
Question for Toni.  Toni, have you gotten any information about the number of Lifetime members? 
I'm off to the gym, already wondering if anyone will be there with a key.  I did get phone calls from Urban Active Manager, District Manager & the Head of something or other from the Lexington office.  It seems I was not the only one that called yesterday.  I gave the first day a fly by, but come on two days in a row, no fly bys there.  So Urban Active has issued not only myself, but the others that called in a free month.  I had rather been able to have gotten my workout in, but the free month is good too.
Wishing everyone a great day,

Fw: Thursday

Sent: Thursday, March 12, 2009 4:22 AM
Subject: Thursday

Good Morning My W.W.F.F.,
Yesterday morning I was up and I did go to the gym only for no one to show up to unlock the doors.  There was 12-15 of us, and we waited until 5:15 and still no one showed.  Needless to say, I was not a happy camper, first off due to I had made PLANS and was up and at the gym on time.  Secondly, I wanted/needed my workout.
Now I could have handled this several different ways, I could have come home being not only totally ticked and said, ''well, the heck with it all, I'll just let today be an off day".  I know all too well how these off days goes.  I would have gotten into the pantry, searching for anything and everything I could find to just eat it cause it was there, and hey I deserved it, I was at the gym at 5 a.m, not my fault no one with the key was. 
OR, I could get on with my daily morning ritual getting Bob ready for the day, and then head for the Mall and do some walking.  I did the walking.  Went to the Mall and walked for 50 minutes. 
It is all about planning and thinking.  I have been astounded in how many people I've been hearing lately tell me, ''Weight Watchers just isn't doing anything for me".  After a bit of talking, I find out why W.W. isn't doing it for them.  No Planning, No tracking and my all time favorite, ''I wanted the weight off yesterday".
If we have to take medication, we look on the bottle and we know when we are to take it, if anyone is a diabetic they have to check their insulin, you make time for that as well.  If you have a husband and children to take care of you plan the meals, the carpools all those things.  So why on earth can we not plan and track for ourselves?  No one is going to do this for us.  IF IT WERE EASY EVERYONE WOULD DO IT!!!!
Have a great day, and

Fw: Tuesday

Sent: Tuesday, March 10, 2009 4:18 AM
Subject: Tuesday

Good Morning My W.W.F.F.,
Hope the week so far has been a good one.  Yesterday was yet another beautiful day, and I do hope everyone had a chance to get out and get some fresh air.
I noticed in our courtyard, things are beginning to bud out, my Crocus are coming up and they are yellow and purple so pretty.
Springtime, a new beginning.   I always think the same thing about a New Year, wipe the slate clean and whatever was done or not done last year, well, you get a second chance to try and get it right.  Same way with Spring, if you have not been able to get your ''new beginning'' begun in January, then you have your second chance.....Spring....is close at hand, but don't wait until the first day of Spring, begin your preparation right now, so by the first day of Spring you will be able to start the ACTION.  See I was paying attention on Saturday, lol lol.  ACTION....that word just sounds exciting.
Wishing everyone a great day and remember if you bite it write it, all BLT's (bite licks and taste) count.
Hugs to all, and SEE YOU LIGHTER!!!!!!!!!!!

Fw: Monday

Sent: Monday, March 09, 2009 4:22 AM
Subject: Monday

Good Morning My W.W.F.F.,
Hope everyone had a great weekend, you just couldn't beat it weather wise.  Hope you all were able to at least enjoy part of the weather outside.
Wanted to report that Sally did make it home safely yesterday afternoon.  Sally as always it was so good to have you around. 
Now what will today's topic be about???   Determination.  When we begin something whether it is a weight loss program, exercise program, or hey about Spring cleaning.  We are always in the beginning so determined that we are going to see the job through.  I think Toni refers to this as the Honeymoon stage.  Then we have things pop up, it maybe something as simple as a friend calling to ask us to go have lunch.  My first thought was always, ''oh no, I know I'm going to over do it", and I would, never failed, I would over do it, then what is the point in trying to stay focused the rest of the day?  This is where the DETERMINATION comes in.  Hey go out and eat. I was thinking last night, I have been out to eat three times since the first of the year.  I know, I know, not many times to eat out, but I have never been real big on eating out.  Anyway, in December when I was ready to quit Weight Watchers, if I had gone to eat out, I would have ordered everything off the menu and then followed it up with the dessert cart.  The three times I've been to eat out this year, have all been different.  I made GOOD choices, I knew before I got there what I was going to have, and I made sure when I was satisfied, if I had that ''sigh" or not, I pushed the plate out of the way and as soon as I could I got it off the table so I would not be picking at it.  I was DETERMINED not to chance having to say again, ''well, I've already messed up might as well wait until tomorrow to start again".  Ever notice in the past how the tomorrow's and Monday's never seem to get here when it comes to our beginning and sticking with a healthy eating plan?
I want to challenge everyone today, if your sick and tired of the same old cycle of starting and stopping or getting side tracked, then get the DETERMINATION you need to get where you want to go.  I have all the faith in the world in all of us, we can do this, but we have to want it like we have never wanted anything else.
Wishing everyone a great day.  I am off to the gym.  Just hope the girls that open the gym have reset their clocks to show the new time change.  AWWW.

Fw: Sunday...Time change

Sent: Sunday, March 08, 2009 5:13 AM
Subject: Sunday...Time change

Good Morning W.W.F.F. (Weight Watcher Friends Forever),
I'm went to bed on the old time and I'm up at the new time, so bear that in mind.  I need to do the welcoming again, I missed a new person yesterday.  So welcome to the daily e-mail Betty, Christiane, Julia, and we have another Lisa to add to the mix.  Welcome and please feel free to add your two cents worth at anytime.
Toni told me yesterday that she had sent an e-mail off to her boss to find out about the most lifetime members.  Thanks Toni.  I think this will be something we can actually get into, due to yesterday we had two more to reach lifetime. 
Sharilyn, brought this up to me yesterday, and I have no problem with it at all, in fact I think it is a great idea due to we all seem to get bored with what we are eating.  Sharilyn suggested that we share recipes with one each other of things that are good for us, and things we have actually tried.  I would like to add they should also be points friendly.  These recipes should also come with the calorie, fat and fiber count so we can get the points value.  So if anyone has a recipe they use and like feel free to share it with the group.
The weather yesterday was just beautiful, and I hope everyone got out to enjoy it.  I put Bob in the van and Sally, Bob & I took a nice drive, it was beautiful out.  So Bob was able to enjoy the beauty as well.
We had a great meeting yesterday and I hope everyone is all ready to get this week started in the right direction.  Remember we don't have to be perfect, just persistent.  If your week was not what you wanted it to be, then today begins a new week, today you have the change to begin this week to have the outcome your looking for at the next weigh-in.

Fw: Saturday morning after Weight Watchers.

Sent: Saturday, March 07, 2009 10:42 AM
Subject: Saturday morning after Weight Watchers.

Hey All. 
Rhonda, Cara, & Michelle you all were missed today, but have to tell you WE ROCKED AT WEIGHT WATCHERS THIS MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We had two members to reach LIFETIME, and ok, you all better set down for this one, JOAN IS AT AN ALL TIME NEW LOW.......193.8......78.8 POUNDS GONE BY THE WAYSIDE, AND I NEVER EVER WANT TO SEE THOSE BAD BOYS AGAIN.
Lisa (Love's wife) lost 1 plus, Lisa B. lost .4, Jenny lost 3 and some change, and Randy lost over 4 pounds, and Dana got another star for her lifetime bookmarker.  So ladies we are rocking and rolling.  I'm sure I've missed someone, and I've not done it on purpose, so feel free to correct me. 
Randy & our Clare were back today, it was so good to see them, I miss people when they are not around, so welcome back.
We have some newbies for our weight watcher daily e-mail. Welcome Betty, Christiane & yes, another Lisa, :>).
Dana, I did speak with Toni for just a second after the meeting and she has e-mailed her boss about the information of how many lifetime members there are.  So when we find that out we should be able to go on with our goal of the Most Lifetime Weight Watcher members.
Want to bring this up, if anyone had rather I put them in the blind copy of these e-mails please let me know, due to when we reply to all, yes, you will get it from everyone, which that is the part I really like, but I've had some to want to be removed from the list, and some have said, they don't like getting all the e-mails, so if you don't let me know they I will be putting you in the TO & THE Cc. category
That is it for now.  Sally had a great time at our meeting, when we got in the car she said, ''I'm exhausted from going to your meeting", hey that is a good thing.  Everyone have a great week, beautiful day out there go get some activity points.
Hugs to all,
Joan 3rd, row

Fw: Friday

Sent: Friday, March 06, 2009 5:26 AM
Subject: Friday

Good Morning My W.W.F.F.,
First off, I want to wish Rhonda and Cara much luck in tomorrow's walk.  Rhonda let me know that she and Cara would not be at our meeting tomorrow due to tomorrow's first leg in the triple crown.  So good luck Ladies, and I know you will make us all proud.
Now did everyone get out yesterday and enjoy some of that fresh air and warmer temps.  Trust me it could have been warmer for me, but it was still nice. 
I hope everyone has had a good week, and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow, but in the meantime, I have something I want to ''throw'' out to all of you.  Dana gets the credit for coming up with this, but I get to do the pitching. :)
We all have goals and to me this idea is great, so let me share.
Our Saturday group has a large amount of lifetime members and a large amount of members who will be making lifetime in the near future (here I am raising my hand, I'll be there soon).  What if we had a "group goal" to make our group the one with the most lifetime members in the country?
Now I pondered on this last night and first off Toni, can you find out how many lifetime w.w. members there are in the country, and if not in the country, how about Kentucky or even Jefferson County?  Myself I love the idea of us having a group goal.  I know when we were walking to California using the miles we did on our pedometers each week, it made me want to work even harder.  Like I said, I love the idea, but Dana and I would like some input from the rest of you all. 
In this e-mail alone we have several lifetime members, and what a great gift that is for the rest of us still working to get to our lifetime goal is to have these people to help us climb that mountain.  Ok, chime in.
See everyone LIGHTER on Saturday,
Joan 3rd. row

Fw: Thursday

Sent: Thursday, March 05, 2009 5:24 AM
Subject: Thursday

Good Morning W.W.F.F.,
Can't give a loud shout out to Sally this morning due to she is here, sleeping just down the hallway, so really don't want to wake her this early.  Good news is she did make it here safely, and will be with me on Saturday.
Here we are on Thursday, so if we have not been working hard, now is the time to really kick it in to high gear.  Weigh-in is Saturday and even though we are not suppose to allow that little metal box to make us feel good or  bad, we all know it still has that power over us.  So the weather is suppose to be really nice the next couple of days, so put on those walking shoes and hit the walking paths.
I had two N.S.V.'s (non scale victories) yesterday.  The first one was I did the pool that was a given, got home got Bob ready for the day, and I had found out the Mall opens a 7 a.m. for walkers so I was there by 7:15 and walked the entire thing, every nook and cranny of the place twice.  So I ended my day being able to add over 16 thousand and some change in steps last night. 
My other accomplishment was this.  Sally and  I went out to dinner and (now wait for the trumpets) I left quite a bit of food on my plate.   I ate until I was satisfied, and I'm not real sure, but I think I may have even had the ''sigh".  So I stopped, and pushed the plate off to the side for the waiter to come and gather up.  Honestly I know I've never, ever done that especially when I've gone to eat out, which I should add happens so very seldom. 
Non Scale Victories, there is a lot to be said for those things.  Hope everyone has a great day, and as I mentioned earlier the weather is suppose to be really nice, so get out and get some fresh air.
Hugs to all,
Joan 3rd, row.

Fw: Wednesday

Sent: Wednesday, March 04, 2009 5:27 AM
Subject: Wednesday

Good Morning W.W.F.F.,
Question for today.  Why do you want to lose weight?  Joan's answer, in the beginning, wow, that sounds Biblical, in the beginning it was to be able to take care of Bob, even though I knew I'd never be below 250....or so I thought....now its because I know I deserve to feel better about myself and to also look better.  I am doing this for Joan, no doubt the first time in my life I have actually done something just for me.  So think about it, ''Why do you want to lose weight"?  You don't have to answer here, but if you are struggling, give it some thought.
Here we are half way through the week.  I do hope everyone is having a good week.  Mine is going really well, but I'm afraid I may not be eating enough for all the activity I am getting in.  I ended my day yesterday with 9 activity points.  Trust me, not easy to get in a total of 9 activity points.  I did end up using 4 of my bonus points on food yesterday, but one thing I don't do and that is dip into my activity points.
Lisa, I am so glad you liked the soup, and Dana, I will send out the zucchini soup recipe today to everyone.  It's not hard to make, the biggest thing is dipping out the cooked veggies and putting them in the blender or food processor to puree.  So that will go out to everyone later today.   I like having the soup on hands as well, makes for a great snack. 
Watched the Biggest Loser last night, and here I stayed up to see who would get voted off the ranch, only to have it be a cliff hanger.  To be continued, now how rude was that.  I still have to wonder in real life how these people can keep up an exercise regiment like that and have a job or even a home life.  I also do not believe its healthy to lost 94 pounds in nine weeks as one of the ladies has done on that show.  Slow and steady, as Edi says, ''like the turtle."  Just my thought on that this morning.
Shout out to Randy and Clare, if you home, welcome back, if not hope your still having a wonderful time.
My friend Sally arrives today, I'm wearing a sign with my name on it so she will know its me, lol lol.
Wishing everyone a great day, and remember to do something good today just for you.
Hugs to all,
Joan 3rd, row

Fw: Tuesday

Sent: Tuesday, March 03, 2009 5:21 AM
Subject: Tuesday

Good Morning W.W.F.F.,
Hey there losers, hope yesterday was a good day.  I can only tell you all about my day, for which I'm very proud.  Got up went to the gym at 5, did my pool exercises.  Last Friday Bob and I drove to Middletown and I got me a pair of those ''fin'' gloves.  Amazing how sore the backs of my arms are this morning from pushing that water backwards.  So that was a good investment.  Came home got Bob ready for the day, and I also put my pedometer on yesterday after I got home.  At around 9 yesterday morning I drove over to the Mall and walked.  Could not believe how many people were there walking.  Now I'm not a fast walker, and yes, everyone was passing me up as if I were sitting still.  That was okay, I walked for 45 minutes, and at the end of yesterday, I was able to add 14,474 steps for the day, 2 more activity points.
Today lets all really work on getting in a little more activity, its amazing how great it will make you feel.  Hey, yesterday I felt so great, I had to tell Bob, ''honey, I feel so good, I'm worried about myself". :>).
Both Jenny & Lisa (Love's wife) came by yesterday, not at the same time, and Jenny ate zucchini soup while she was here, and Lisa took some home with her.  Jenny said it was really good, have not heard a report from Lisa, :>).
Make it a good day.  Do something good for yourself.
Hugs to all,
Joan from the 3rd. row

Fw: Monday

Sent: Monday, March 02, 2009 5:25 AM
Subject: Monday

Good Morning W.W.F.F.,
To begin with and I have to apologize for this, but I forgot to give a shout out to Michelle.  We missed you on Saturday, and hope alls well with you.  Sorry that I didn't do this with the Saturday After Weight Watcher e-mail, but we did miss you.
I hope everyone had a good weekend, if there was any over indulging gone on, hope that is over with as well.  Today we get that second chance if we need it.  I say surround yourself with positive people and positive thinking. 
 Do something good for you today.  I began this last Thursday, and it has continued through the weekend.  I have gone through my closet again, and have tired on every article of clothing I have in there, the stuff that is just hanging on me is now in bags ready to picked up tomorrow.  I decided that having those size 20 items in my closet was just going to haunt me in a way I don't need.  So I did some purging and have to say it feels really good to walk into our closet now and not have all that stuff hanging there as if just waiting for me to go back up to that size.   When I lost my first 50 pounds, I got rid of all the size 26-30, but have kept the 20's around, not the 20's and quite of few of the 18's are gone.  I'm only having 14-16 in the closet.  That is what I did that was good for me.
Off to the gym and the pool this morning.  Wishing everyone a great day, and make it a day you will look back on this evening and say, ''I DONE GOOD"!!!!!!!!!!
Joan from the 3rd. row.