Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's all about ATTITUDE!!!!!!!!!!!

Good Morning W.W.F.F.,
As you all are very aware here we are just two days from our weight in on Saturday, BUT, for some they will chose to not weigh-in at all, due to IT'S DERBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OK, starting off with a bad attitude here already. ha. It is fine if you don't make a meeting this week, other than this daily left-handed meeting we have here each day via the e-mail, but don't allow ''I am not weighing in this week", be your downfall for next week. Oh and don't fall into this trap either, just because we are not meeting together the following Saturday at the church give you the attitude of, ''oh goody I can relax cause I'll have two weeks before I have to face that scale again". With thinking like this, trust me its gonna jump up and bites you in the butt.
My attitude had always been, ''if I don't have to face Toni and her scale, then its my free ticket to do whatever I want to until I have to face Toni and her scale". I derailed big time with that attitude. Trust me no meeting you will ever go to will be as much fun as the one we have on Saturday morning, and our fearless leader is just the best, and others know this, due to ''have you guys seen how crowded out Saturday morning place has gotten"?? I'm having to guard the 2nd, 3rd & 4th rows with my life, and you all thought I carried that big bag of stuff cause it looked cool, ha.
All I am saying here is, don't get too relaxed. Don't go overboard, yes the Derby is just once a year, but its like Christmas....IT COMES EVERY YEAR!!!! Have a good time, but be in control and stay in control, you will thank yourself later, when you do climb onto that scale. Do you really want to undo what you've worked so hard for?
Wishing everyone a wonderful day.
Joan 3rd. row

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Weight Watchers Meeting 2007
Good Morning Dear W.W.F.F.,
How many times have we said to ourselves, ''tomorrow, I'll do better". Beginning Monday, yeah, that is the day I really get serious. Just in case you missed the memo....tomorrow is here and Monday was yesterday. :>)
If I had lost a pound for every time I have used the phrase, ''Tomorrow will be better", I would weigh 90 pounds. We all have good intentions, and we are not bad people due to, we just can't get our head around what we need to be doing to get to our ultimate goal.
We can either continue to play with the 3-5-or10 pounds that keep haunting us, or we can get our heads removed from our butts, and get down to some serious work. Trust me, I speak from experience, "wishing it away does not work".
Now I am going out on a limb here, and I don't want to ruffle any feathers, but there is not a doubt in my mind that ever single one of us can find time during the day to get in activity. We can find time to plan our menu's. 30 minutes of exercise does not have to be done all at one time, break it up, do 3-10 minutes, hey get up early with me. There is nothing that great on TV, so put those shoes on and get out and breath some fresh air. You will be amazed how much better you will feel, and it clears the thinking.
I know that a lot of people think, ''oh she can do this cause she doesn't have a real job". Have to say this, ''a 9-5 job would be a vacation for me". I cannot tell you all have many time I have used Bob as my excuse for not getting my rear in gear and doing what I needed to be doing.
So here to are. Tomorrow is here, and Monday is gone. Time to get down to some serious work.
Wishing Everyone a Great Day,
Joan 3rd. Row

Monday, April 27, 2009

Don't stand Still!!!!!!!!!!!

Will Rogers
Good Morning W.W.F.F.,
I do hope everyone had a great weekend. The weather was just perfect, however there are some strange things happening here at McAdams Manor. Bob has always been the one to be cold. The man always wore a sweater both Winter and Summer and even would have a quilt thrown over him. When I say strange, yesterday Bob wanted the AC turned on, and I was the one that kept saying, ''but the thermostat reads 81, its not hot". So my insulation is gone and I can take the heat better.
Do you ever feel as if your just spinning your wheels, and everyone and everything is just passing you by? I have had that feeling from time to time, and when it came to my weight loss, it was never anything more I could have been doing. Yeah, RIGHT!!!!
If you ''think" your on a plateau, run these questions through your mind.
1. Am I tracking what I eat? This includes BLT'S,
2. Am I staying within my points?
3. Am I getting enough activity?
4. Am I going to my meetings for the support I need?
5. Am I doing the program the way the program is suppose to be done?
These are just a few things we can ask ourselves, but we have to remember to be honest. I told myself for a year and a half, ''oh I'm on a plateau". Now some people may honestly have been doing everything right and could have been on a plateau for that long, but I sure wasn't. It was not until I got honest with myself, that I came to terms with my plateau was, ''every time my elbow bent, my mouth flew open and I inserted Russell Stover's candy".
I am so proud to say that four months ago I gave up the "Russell Stover's Plateau", upped my activity, and there have been several amazing changes in me, other than the weight loss. The biggest change is without all that sugar in me, I'm more relaxed, I don't fly off the handle as quickly. When I was eating the sweets, any little derail from my routine would set me off. I sleep so much better, and I know part of that has to do with getting more activity in. Oh and the activity, what a great mood changer as well, great stress reliever. I've never been a moody person, have never been depressed either, but after I exercise I am on such a high that my whole day is so much better. I also know for a fact once you get into the exercise mode, you will be addicted, just ask Sally of Wisconsin, lol lol.
So if you are struggling and you have been telling yourself its a ''plateau" really give it some serious thought and see exactly what it is YOU are able to do to change this.
Toni, we hope you are home safe and sound, and things in Indy are okay.
I did hear from Lisa (Love's wife), our Lisa is fine. Robin (her little girl) needed her hair done on Saturday morning for pictures so Lisa was busy being a good Mama. Lisa, we want pictures of Robin.
Our Jenny is on the road. She is headed for Texas, so let's keep her in our prayers for a safe journey.
Still have not heard from Liz, hope every thing is ok there.
Rhonda, hope you had a great trip to the mountains.
Wishing everyone a great day, and get out there and do something nice for yourself.
Joan 3rd. Row.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Seeing is Believing.

Jennifer Hudson, Singer
Good Morning W.W.F.F.,
Yesterday was just a wonderful day all the way around. I got my Saturday started by getting to be with most of you at our Saturday Weight Watcher meeting. Then off to the big city of Beaver Dam to visit with my sister and her family and to have my clothes seamed down, some for the second time.
I found the above quote and I immediately could identify with it, so thought that would be a good one for today.
Yesterday while Bob and I were on the road, we were talking about all of you. Bob knows Jenny and Lisa (Love's wife), he has met them many time. Bob says he feels as if he knows Cara cause when she calls she has such a sweet voice. So Bob got to hear about all our success yesterday.
I shared with Bob that since the first of the year, each Saturday Toni has to spend at least 5 minutes giving out awards. Of course as I let Bob know, it takes 5 minutes due to crowd control. WE get so excited for our friends that are reaching their milestones on this journey. I am so glad we are a group that can hold one another up, and support each other when times are going good for us, and when we hit those nasty pot holes.
This coming week will be more difficult for some than others. For some it will be like Thanksgiving & Christmas all rolled into one. For anyone that will be having a ton of things to do during Derby week, just try to use portion control. Counting points maybe a real drag during this time, but it could very easily mean the difference in a good week and a week you just as soon forget. Remember, work in activity, not only is it good for your weight loss, but a great stress reliever.
Our journey is a will be filled with twist and turns in the road, but isn't it great that we are not having to travel it all by ourselves.
BTW, our Jenny is leaving this afternoon for Texas, to pick up #1 son, so Jenny be safe. Wishing everyone a wonderful day.
Joan 3rd. Row

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Butt shot

Just would not be right, without a ''butt'' shot as well.


Today, for the first time in my life, I am wearing a pair of size 8 jeans.

This is just so surreal, but I have to say, I like it.

Friday, April 24, 2009

I'm Meltiiiinnnnnnnggggg

Hey All, Wanted to share a major N.S.V. with everyone. I had been thinking I need to get my measurements done again. So today while at the gym, I got them taken, and have my measurements from 2005 and 2007. So here we go.
2005: 2007: 2009:Today
Bust: 52 Bust: 40 Bust: 38
Waist: 49 Waist: 44 Waist: 35
Hips: 65 Hips: 50 Hips: 43
R. Thigh: 36 R. Thigh: 36 R. Thigh: 26
L. Thigh: 35 L. Thigh: 35 L. Thigh: 25
I am so amazed with the inches I have lost.

Reality Chek

Good Morning W.W.F.F.,
Rhonda and her husband are going away this weekend. Rhonda we will miss you, but hope you both have a wonderful time.
Toni, you will be missed as well, but I am making you a promise ''we will be good to Jennifer". Now you know how hard that promise was for me to make. ha.
Our Michele continues on the road to recovery, we are so happy about that. Like I always say, ''can't keep a good woman down long".
Mama Clare are you home yet??????????? All your adopted children here are missing you.
So how has everyone's week been? Did you get in your water? Did you weigh and measure your food? Did you have a Plan? How about the activity? How did we do on that front this week?
These are all the questions I am asking myself by this time of week. There was a time not too long ago the answer to all the above questions would have been a great big NO, NO, NO, NO, NO. Funny how things can change when you want them to change.
I want to come clean here. I have never been a jealous person. I think jealousy is such a wasted emotion, but setting in our w.w. meeting when so many each week were getting 5# stars, losing weight each week, even making it to being a lifetime member. What I though was just me thinking, "yeah, they are new, it won't last long". That was actually ''Joan being jealous". Never even thought about this until something was said to me yesterday, and even though I could have and another time would have handled what was said in a very different way. I realized this person was jealous of my success.
Now don't everyone begin thinking, was it this one, that one, oh was it me? No my friends, it was no one any of you even know. So everyone is safe . My point is, this person made me look at myself and the way I had felt when others were working their butts off (pun) doing all those things they knew they were suppose to do. While I sat back and ate my pint of Ben & Jerry's, while I ate half of Bob's Russell Stover's, while he was sleeping. Heck yeah, I had every right to be jealous, it wasn't my fault. Or was it??
Success is wonderful, but it can also be a little dangerous. There are times I know I get caught up in myself, especially when I am buying clothes in sizes that I used to think were so un-reachable. There is also this fear in me of, ''when is all going to stop"? Well, it will stop only if I allow it to, and if that day does come, my plan is to be setting there in my w.w. meeting on Saturday morning, cheering all those on, who are working hard, and getting their star's and the chance to write their name on the big poster board. Stay Strong.
Wishing Everyone a Great Day,
Joan 3rd. Row

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Can you DO IT???

Charles Auston Bates
Good Morning W.W.F.F.,
Cara is waking up at her parents home in Lexington this morning. Hope your meeting goes well, and hope your iphone gets this e-mail.
So good to know Michele is doing well. Oh and Randy is it today Clare is coming home?
I ended last night with over 6 miles on my pedometer, all WALKING. I remember when I first got a pedometer, and I thought, 10,000 steps, "I'll have to walk all day and never sit down". Funny now how those steps have added up, and I do try to do a little better each day. Also 10,000 steps is more of a day of sitting.
Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would actually get to the point where if I do not go to the Mall to walk, I feel as if something is missing. Since the gym doesn't open until 9 a.m. on Sunday's I always feel a bit lost since I still wake up at my week day time.
Never thought I could do the elliptical for an hour, never thought I'd be wearing size 14 jeans either. All these things I never thought could be done, by me anyway. Today I would like for you all to take just a little time and think about all the things you have told yourself or you have allowed someone to tell you ''couldn't be done". Bet they have been done, and if they haven't you may want to try and change that.
Wishing Everyone a Great Day,
Joan 3rd. Row

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

You choise which to do.

Success never comes to those who sit and stare: It comes to those who act and dare.
Good Morning W.W.F.F. (Weight Watcher Friends Forever),
Michele if you read this today, we hope everything went well with your surgery yesterday, and that your resting well.
Want to welcome an old friend of mine to the group. Vicki, and I have known one another for years, but have never met face to face. I have made wonderful friends due to the Internet, and Vicki is one of them. Vicki, lives in Pennsylvania. So welcome to the daily get together, and to all of my W.W.F.F., Vicki and I are so much alike, we could almost be twins, due to she has struggled with her weight almost as long as I have. So Vicki, you have a great group of ladies here, and they are all very supportive. Welcome, and feel free to chime in at anytime.
Love the quote for today. I was one of those that ''sit and stared". I'd see people out walking, exercising, and I'd think, ''boy wish I could do that", I would see people eat one serving of something or other and thing, ''boy wish I could do that", I've watched others at our Weight Watcher meeting reach goals and I'd say, ''boy wish I could do that". Well, why couldn't I do that???
Here are some of the reasons I THINK I felt I couldn't do those thing....lazy, not feeling I deserved being more in control, thinking I was not worthy to be one of those that get to write their name on the poster board under, ''Lifetime Member". If I sat here and really give it a lot of thought, I could no doubt come up with at least 25 reasons no excuses that I felt I couldn't be successful.
Maybe right now your having your own little pity party due to things are not going the way you want them to. Guess what, the only thing you can change is the things about yourself. You can't change anyone's thinking but your own, you cannot change the weather, you cannot change that darn traffic light that seems to catch you at the very time you just don't have a moment to wait. You cannot change anyone's negative talk, but we can change ourselves. I want to know who has ever had a pity party that when it was over with you actually felt better?
If your week so far has not been what you had hoped it would be, today is the day to make it what you want it to be. We all can find time to set down and make a plan. Life is going to happen, something's we can be in control and the other things, well, might as well just roll with the flow.
Are you just going to SIT & STARE, wringing your hands, wailing, ''why can't I do this" OR are you going to ACT & DARE. Take ACTION and DARE to become a success. The choice is up to you.
Wishing Everyone a wonderful day,
Joan 3rd. Row

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Which Direction are you going??

Good Morning W.W.F.F.,
To begin with today I want to wish Michele the best . She is having surgery around noon, so let's all send up some good vibes for her today. We hope to see you back on Saturday morning real soon.
Also want welcome Kathy this morning. Kathy is a friend of our Lisa (Love's wife), and any friend of our Lisa's is sure to become a friend to us. Welcome Kathy, we hope to inspire you, make you laugh a bit, and hopefully give you food for thought.
Want to give Wisconsin Sally a GOOD LUCK today. Sally has her weigh in today.
I am in hopes I get an e-mail from the people today telling me just what it is that is not allowing us to find our walking group. I will forward the reply I get to everyone as soon as I hear something.
Love this morning's quote since we are getting our walking group together. Cara & Lisa B. walked at lunch yesterday, you girls rock. I was on my last lap around the Mall, so I called Jenny as she was on her way out the door, and Jenny and I walked a bit together via the cell phones. Great way to catch up with people...multi-tasking.
Derby is upon us, so there will no doubt be Derby parties, food, Oaks parties, food, whatever and food. Notice that food is all around us. Remember to have fun, and not around the buffet table. Get your plan of attack together. Never too soon to begin working on ways to have a fun time at all these parties and not ending the party with, ''I can't believe I ate the whole thing".
I received an e-mail from a friend yesterday asking me, ''what happened that got you all fired up and losing weight"? I don't have an answer for that. All I can say is whatever happened, I'm sure glad it did. Now don't get me wrong, I'm doing my part. I've upped my activity, I'm tracking, counting EVERYTHING that I eat, and I measure my food, no more of that eye balling it. Maybe I just began really using the tools we all have been given.
All I know for sure is, I am facing in the right direction and I am going to keep walking, I have a goal to get to. Come walk with me.
Wishing Everyone a great day,
Joan 3rd. Row

Monday, April 20, 2009

We are Winners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Winners are losers who got up and gave it one more try.
Dennis DeYoung
Good Morning W.W.F.F.,
I hope everyone had a great weekend, even though yesterday was pretty much a ''wash-out'' no pun intended.
I know a lot of us are having problems with the walking challenge as far as getting signed in. Michele has sent an e-mail to Weight Watchers, and today I am planning on calling the 1-800 number. Maybe, just maybe I will get a real live person to chat with. We will get results.
Love the quote this morning, was not the one I had planned to use, but when I saw it, I knew that was our quote for today.
I very much doubt that any of us whether it has been trying Weight Watchers before or some other program. We have no doubt tried everything under the sun.
For me when I was probably 9 or 10 my folks took me to the doctor, and he told them ''once she gets her period, I'm sure she will begin to lose her weight". Good Lord, I have already gone through the change several years back, and still didn't lose the weight. So there were doctors, and when I was in high school, I was on diet pills, well those sure were uppers and downers, then as I got older and on my own, Lord, the things I tried. There have been so many, that I have honestly lost count.
The good news is, I never gave up. Just like you all are not giving up. We are becoming those winners, because we keep giving it ''just one more try''. My tag line on the W.W. community is ''NEVER GIVE UP". Until this morning I don't think I realized just how strong that statement really is.
Sure we all are going to hit bumps, even potholes on our weight loss journey. But, this is a way of life, it is us changing not only our way of eating, but our way of thinking about food and exercise.
I like that. Wishing everyone a great day.
Joan 3rd. Row

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Staying Strong

If you wish success in life, make perseverance your bosom friend, experience your wise counselor, caution your elder brother, and hope your guardian genius.

---Jospeph Addison
Good Morning W.W.F.F.,
The above quote has some really good advice. Especially about ''making perseverance your bosom friend". We had out weigh-in and meeting yesterday, and I always have this ''tinge'' for a split second , and begin to think, ''oh its Saturday, what can I have for a treat". Experience, has taught me that I cannot for even a moment stray from my plan ,that for the past few weeks has helped me to lose the weight I have. I think I have made Perseverance my bosom friend.
For me, as it is for many of you, I am trying to get to my goal weight. For many here on our e-mail list we have Lifetimers trying to stay FREE. I think we all know what works for us, and it works as long as we work it. Problem is for me, when I let up just a little, then I fall into a lot of trouble. So I think we have to decide what it is that is important to us. Those few moments of pleasure on our lips or the fear that the one serving is going to lead to the entire package.
At this very moment I chose not to even open the package. Staying strong, and staying focused can be very hard, until we decide, ''this is the way I want things to be".
OK, hope everyone gets online at the walking site and signed up. Remember our team name is Toni's Trotters.
Wishing Everyone a great day and week,
Joan 3rd. Row

Friday, April 17, 2009

New Dress....

I am wearing a size 14 dress here. Have never worn a size 14 in anything. I can honestly say, I have been overwhelmed these past few weeks, with the transformation my body has taken on.

It's a good thing.


Frederick Douglass/ American Civil Rights Leader
Good Morning W.W.F.F.,
Hope everyone has had a good week, tomorrow is weigh in day, and I always look at my Fridays as a day of ''reflection". Did I eat too much of this? Did I eat too little all together? Could I have gotten in more activity? So many things begin to run through my mind.
As of this very moment, I can honestly say, ''I have done all I know to do". I have tracked, I have used portion control, and I have used my measuring cups and spoons, I have been to the gym, today will make five days, I walked the Mall three times (so far) this week. So I feel as if I've done my part.
However, there were still "Struggles" alone the way. But, if you think about it, if it were smooth sailing all the way through our weight loss journey, then for me, I don't think I would be as excited about the progress I have made. It seems you can't have "Progress" without a little ''Struggle". I also think it makes us stronger.
Thanks Cara for the loan of this morning's quote. I hope to see everyone tomorrow, and Michele, hope you continue to feel better, and keep us posted on how your doing.
We will miss Clare tomorrow, Jana is going to be visiting her family. So Clare, and Jana get a free pass for not being at our meeting tomorrow. Michele gets one only if she is too sick to show up, lol lol. The rest of you all, you better be there. :>) A Little Drill Sergeant humor there.
Wishing All a wonderful day, and hope to see EVERYONE LIGHTER.
Stay Strong,
Joan 3rd. Row.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Changing yourself....04-16-09

Good Morning W.W.F.F.,
Here we are again just 2 days before our weigh in. I hope everyone's week has been going well and that the only eggs that are being consumed from Easter would be the boiled type.
As many of you know my day yesterday was yet one filled with another N.S.V., I am beginning to really look forward to having the N.S.V.'s to help motivate me. I bought a new dress yesterday, I didn't even own a dress until yestereday. I was looking for a size 16 W, and had my sister on the phone with me. I was frustrated, due to there were no 16's and no "W"'s behind the dress size. With coaxing from my sister, she convinced me to try the 14 on. But, the 14 didn't come with a "W". I tried it on, and to my surprise it fit me perfectly. I cannot tell you all the emotional things that were going on with me when I put the dress on, and zipped it up and it fit. I hung it in the guest bedroom where I get dressed of the morning when I'm going to the gym. I hung it there last night before going to bed due to I was pretty sure it was all a dream and when I went in there this morning there would be no size 14 dress. Well, it was not a dream, and when I began W.W., if I had to have a dress it would have been size 24/26. Now, I have a regular size 14. Marilyn Monroe was a size 14 Ladies. :>)
I have been thinking a lot about the changes I have made in the last few years, but more so in just the last few months. For me just to get up and go to the gym, I considered that to be way above and beyond the call of duty. To go walking on have to be I am up and ready for the gym,( and most days the new woman that opens is there by 4:45)so I'm in there and on the elliptical or in the pool way before 5 a.m. Then I get Bob ready for the day, and I run to the Mall to actually walk that area.
Talk about making changes. These things are just so out of the ordinary for me. Now if I can't get to the gym, or to the Mall, I feel as if something is missing. It's a lot like not being able to get to my W.W. meeting on Saturday morning, I feel a bit lost. All these are good, no they are great things.
Let us not forget, that one morning just as a fluke, I decided to send out an e-mail to the maybe six W.W. friends that I had their e-mail addresses. Now look, we have grown to 31 people, each of us looking to break those old patterns, and to build newer ones.
When I began this journey, I had no plans at all of changing anything. I thought I'd go to a few meetings, and maybe lose a few pounds, quit, gain back the weight, which would bring friends, and continue on with that pattern. This time its been different. I cannot change the world or anyone in it, BUT I can change myself and have a completely new way of looking at the world.
Wishing Everyone A GREAT Day.
Joan 3rd. Row.

April 15, 2009

Visualize and Affirm Your Desired Outcomes
Good Morning W.W.F.F.,
First off we want to wish Clare a wonderful trip. Watch out for those French men . We will miss you on Saturday, and Randy if you need me to bring you some coffee, just let me know. :>)
Our renter Sally from Wisconsin had lower number yesterday, and she and I are reminding one another that, ''those last few pounds really do like us a lot". Sally, I am so proud of you. BTW, Sally will be renting a seat on the third row again in June.
Saw this quote this morning and remembered yet again all the Weight Watcher meetings I've been too that Toni has told us to ''VISUALIZE" ourselves at our goal weight.
That was always a hard one for me due to I had never been at what was considered a normal weight. However, I did begin to visualize a number on the scale, which I think has been working very well for me.
So if you cannot visualize yourself at your goal weight, then try visualizing yourself in a much smaller outfit, and make sure your self talk is positive, and not negative. As of yesterday I have decided to remove the "F" word (now don't get flustered, F stands for something else) FAT from my description of myself. Thanks Dana, for the idea. I can't say I can say the word ''thin'' and by no means ''skinny'' can work, but as I shared yesterday, Bob now says to me, ''you look so healthy", so I'm replacing the "F" word with the word "Healthy". Cause in the end isn't that what we are doing, getting healthy. Who would have ever thought some of us would give up the seconds to go exercise, that just boggles my mind.
VISUALIZE, you maybe blown away with what you really see.
Wishing everyone a great day.
Joan 3rd. row.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Rough Seas

"Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm."

---Publilius Syrus
Good Morning W.W.F.F.,
Have to begin today with apologizing to Cara due to somehow her name got dropped from the e-mail when I hit the send button yesterday morning. Unless, I am out of town, the power is off, the computer is just not working for whatever reason, or I went to the great beyond, I am up sending out an e-mail, early. So if for any reason when anyone does not get one, please let me know. Trust me at 3 something in the a.m., even my coffee isn't strong enough to get my eyes open.
Shout out to Michele, hope you are feeling well. You were missed Saturday.
The above quote comes from my ''Quote of the day", I get online. When I read it this morning, I thought, ''Man is that ever true". When life, and things in our life are going smoothly as a rule our eating and activity goes smoothly. BUT, just let one little thing get out of sync and look out, won't be long until we are looking for Ben & Jerry, and I'm not talking about two of my cousins here.
When our life is a bit out of whack and we are able to stay on the straight and narrow I think that is when we need to give ourselves a high-five, oh man, this is where we could use some of Toni's Bravo Stars. But, anyway, we all know life gets in the way at time. For me, yesterday I could have used having the carpets cleaned as an excuse not to go walking at Mall, I could have also used the excuse, ''well, (oh best whining voice inserted here) I'll have to move all the furniture out, and then I'll have to move it all back, so why should I go do anymore activity, I did go to the pool this morning." Trust me, not too many weeks ago I would have gone with the ''whine'' attitude, but instead put Bob in the Van, drove to the Mall and walked for 45 minutes. At the end of last night when I took my pedometer off, I had over 20 thousand steps. I think that may have been an all time high number for me. It feels really good to know that when my life is not exactly day to day perfect, I can roll with the tide, and you can to. We just have to decide to DO IT!!!!!!!
Wishing everyone a great day. Stay Strong.
Joan 3rd. Row

Monday, April 13, 2009

Get Inspired.

Good Morning My W.W.F.F.,
I hope everyone had a very nice Easter and I hope no one went to bed last night or will wake up this morning with the thought of, ''OH MY LORD, WHAT DID I DO"??
I like the above quote, due to so many times I have heard in our meeting Toni say, ''remember why you walked through those doors your first day". Of course as everyone knows my reason was different than most, I did it just to quite Jenny down, ha. Now I first used that statement and was very honest about it, however, little did I know the change I was in store for. So this morning I need to tell Jenny, thank you so very much for not giving up on me. :>)
I want to share that I had a really good day yesterday,it was so not like any holidays of the past where food was involved. I also drove over to Seneca Park and walked, not a real long walk but I did do the 1.2 mile loop, so I got in activity, I knew if I hung around in the house I was going to graze all day long. So I began to think what did I do in the very beginning? I kept myself very busy, so getting out and walking kept me away from the food, and also cleared my mind to be able to not make food my main focus for yesterday.
I was also very proud of myself, that I only used 7 of my 35 bonus points yesterday. On the dessert front it was strawberry shortcake, and I got just enough dessert cups that there were none leftover to call my name last night. I was prepared, and have to say, this morning I really feel good about my choices from yesterday.
So if the weekend didn't go as well as you had hoped food wise, remember what got you in the doors of Weight Watchers, and get INSPIRED all over again. Also remember each of us have this entire group to lean on and ask for help.
Wishing Everyone a wonderful day,
Joan 3rd. Row

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday

Sir Thomas Brown
Happy Easter My W.W.F.F.,
First off I head our girls finished their 10 mile walk yesterday. Congrats, and just think of all the activity points you got. Edi, I trust you finished as well.
This brings up a question here for Toni....are we still going to have our walk and set a time so the Big Low Fat Cheese from New York can come down and walk with us? If so we need to get together, get our group and get crackin'.
Today will be a day for most filled with food temptations, being around family and all those food pushers. So just remember, you/me/we have it in ourselves to dig down deep and do what is best for ourselves. Good news is today is Sunday, so if you do over do it with your eating, just get right back on track even if you have to do it tomorrow. Also remember this, if you have been eating very healthy for the past few, weeks, months, if you over indulge in the sweets your going to feel like crap. It is fine to sample, but as we have been told so many times, have something that you do not or would not have all the time.
This is a special time, but make it special due to you are spending time with those you love. Wear something that fits, no elastic waistband, no sweatpants. Wear something that will show off your hard work.
Again, I am so sorry about the popcorn information. Now I realize if I has read the small print I may have lost more than .6 pounds myself this week. I'll say it again, even though I didn't do it myself, we have to read the labels, I just saw the 1 point and I was sold.
Happy Easter Everyone,
Joan 3rd. Row

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday after Weight Watchers 04-11-09

Good Morning W.W.F.F. (Weight Watcher Friends Forever)
First things first we have a new member to our daily e-mails. Her name is Alicia, welcome Alicia, and hope you enjoy your journey with us. Please feel free to ask question, makes comments and cheer each other on. This is a great group due to we have several Lifetime Members.
We missed Rhonda, Randy, Cara, Denise & Edi today they were walking, and we are so proud of all of you. Michelle, we missed you as well, and I did have a get well card with me and got so caught up in everything this morning forgot to pass it around. But, you were missed.
Our Lisa B. was back with us, looking great as usual. Oh and Jana was back as well, she does not want to get anymore mail from me, ha ha, just kidding.
OK, anyone that was not there today certainly missed it. No, it was not me doing the fashion show today, but Love's wife Lisa, and Oh my Lord, this woman has to sing at a funeral this afternoon, and I am afraid its going to be a show stopper. Jenny brought Lisa a dress, black and white, fitted body, and ruffles, and......drumrollllll here......SIZE 16, and Lisa looked just great in the dress. Lisa we are so proud of you, and you sure better bring a picture for next week or wear the same outfit so the ladies not with us today can get a look at you.
We had a good showing on the third row weight loss wise, again our Lisa was rocking she lost 2 pounds but it may have been 2 plus. I was down .6, which I am totally thrilled about, due to me and the multi-grain Cheerios incident. However, that is over and done with, and happy to say, still had a loss.
I have the notes from today and will be passing those on to everyone that was not there today, but if for some reason you were not there, and I just missed you let me know and I will be happy to pass the notes.
Wishing Everyone a Blessed Easter.
Joan 3rd. Row

Friday, April 10, 2009

Be true to you!!

Good Morning W.W.F.F.,
Want to give a "Shout Out" to Michelle, she had some surgery this week, and we hope your doing great.
Big WHOO HOOO, to Denise, Randy, Rhonda, Cara, for they will be doing the 10 miler tomorrow morning, and a wave to Clare cause she is going to be there to cheer them on as well.
Edi, is doing, and Edi hope I got this right, the MD walk tomorrow morning as well, so good luck to you as well.
Now unless the rest of you are either leaving town, doing a walk that I don't know about, I expect to see all of you tomorrow morning at our Weight Watcher meeting.
I called a friend last night that had re-joined W.W.'s just last week, only to find her all upset due to some medication she has been put on and it is making her want to eat everything she can get her hands on. Then she found out her doctor is going to put her on hormones as well. She kept saying to me, ''I don't want to let anyone down, especially you". Well, wait a minute, this is not about me, this is about YOU.
Yes, I'll be disappointed, but don't feel your letting me down. I'm a firm believer in, ''if your head is not in the game, then you are on a journey that is not going to be one you'll enjoy". So my friend has decided to put W.W.'s on hold, and you know that is fine, cause we all know there are always going to be things getting in our way, trying to prevent us from doing what we know is best for us. However, WE also have to be in the right frame of mind, and willing to fight back all those things that tend to get in our way. If it were not a new medication, then it would have been something else. My friend has to be ready to make the commitment to herself and I hope one day she will get back to that place.
Hope to see those of you not walking or those that will be out of town LIGHTER tomorrow.
Joan 3rd. Row.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Good Morning My Dear W.W.F.F.,
WOW, it's already Thursday, this week is just flying by way too fast. It is going to be time to jump on that scale before we know it. So hope the week has been going well for everyone.
The above quote comes from one of our Weight Watcher meeting of a year ago, and I found it due to I was flipping through my notebook when Sally sent out her request for help yesterday, and on my part I would like to thank all of you that sent out e-mails to help Sally deal with losing 1 food point. Trust me, when you like to eat losing that one point can mess with your head.
Sally, today is your day to be my example, :>). Sally could not have asked us for our help at all, she could have chosen to wing it and be frustrated all week, and we all know how well frustration and food work. She asked for help, the help came, and the e-mail I opened from last night that she sent to me telling me ''I have my head screwed back on straight" let me know the choice she made to reach out IS going to determine her destiny, and I believe with all my heart that destiny is hitting her goal weight and being very successful.
Oh and if you really want to see Joan & Sally as ''BIG GIRLS'', I downloaded a picture of us that was taken in 2005 (I think), and followed it up with the picture Jenny took of us in March of this year. They are in my blog.
Choice, not Chance....We have the choice to make the changes we need to make to reach our ultimate destination.
Have a wonderful day everyone.
Joan 3rd. Row.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Joan & Sally, March 2009

Here is Sally & I after we joined Weight Watchers. What a difference a few years make.

Sally, I think we have done good.

Sally & Joan Before Weight Watchers

Here is a picture of Sally (Wisconsin Sally) & I that was taken in May of 2005, before either of us started Weight Watchers.

Oh and the little white fur ball is Puff.

The Bites, licks & taste of life..

If you BITE it, WRITE it.
If you DRINK it, INK it.
If you SNACK it, TRACK it.
If you NIBBLE it, SCRIBBLE it.
Good Morning W.W.F.F.,
Found the above quote from one of my older Weight Watcher books that I keep notes in, and thought ''oh, this is GOOD"!!!!!!!!
Don't know about the rest of you, but since we are all in this together I would say you all have done pretty much the same thing I am about to mention.
Going to someone's house for a party or dinner, whatever, and for me I would always fine the buffet table first, and I would station myself there, if anyone wanted to talk to me, they could find me guarding the desserts. Trust me there was no WRITE IT, INK IT, TRACK IT or SCRIBBLING IT done whatsoever. In those days I was more in the Coma state.
I mention all of this due to....yes, you guessed it, Easter is upon us...candies, family dinners Aunt Maude's famous whatever, but here is the kicker to all of this. So what if we don't indulge in Aunt Maude's best dish that is loaded with all the stuff that got us here in the first place. If you can handle just a taste, then fine, but if Aunt Maude's ''whatever'' is a trigger, then all I can say is tell Aunt Maude your highly allergic and one bite could immediately put you in the ER, then add....and Aunt Maude, I know you would not want that to happen...We have to protect ourselves, we have to be willing to say NO THANK YOU to the food pushers, and we have to say NO TO OURSELVES.
I went to the grocery yesterday and was hungry, now we all know you NEVER do that. All those great smelling things, it was almost more than I could handle, and at one point my hand did actually reach for something, the entire time, me telling myself, ''oh Bob would like that", like Bob would ever see it. Then this other voice, and I think it was mine, but right now I'm leaning more toward ''DEVINE INTERVENTION'' said, ''are you willing to take the risk"? It was as if I had been slapped up side the head. I dropped said item as if it were on fire, continued my shopping and came home with what was ONLY ON MY LIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A N.S.V.
Just remember to have a plan, to track and to ask yourself, AM I WILLING TO TAKE THE RISK?
Wishing everyone a great day,
Joan 3rd. row.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I have something to say...

Today I was amazed to fine out Weight Watchers does not work. This was very interesting due to the person that informed me of this, was standing looking at my before pictures, and then looking at me.

I am the first person to say that for some and for whatever the reason, there is not one diet/eating plan for everyone. It's like the ONE SIZE FITS all concept. That just does not happen.

My concern in all of this, is what if the idiot that said this to me, says it to someone that maybe struggling. A statement like that could really throw someone under the bus.

OK, I've said it, I'm done.

Going Forward

Good Morning Dear W.W.F.F.,
Hope everyone did not put away all their Winter clothes thinking we were in Spring. I am so ready for warm weather. Want to wish luck to our Lady Cards, won't say anything else about that, don't want to jinx them.
Here we go, N.S.V. for me yesterday, and that was I ended my day with 5.58 miles on my pedometer, so very proud about that AND, that is an all time record for me. No wonder my feet are hurting this morning.
The quote is from one of our previous meetings, but with Easter upon us I wanted to again hammer it home we don't want to start messing up. As I've mentioned before I am in awe of those of you that can take one or two bites of something you really like and then move on. I've never been that type person and since I'm in my mid 50's don't imagine I will ever be one of those people, but have to say, I do envy you all that can do this.
At the first of the year if I had not changed my thinking, and changed my attitude, then I was well on my way back to where I started. What is that old saying a "a second on the lips, a lifetime on the hips". For me at this moment that second on the lips is just not worth what it could/would turn into.
Enjoy Easter, it is a time for family, a time for renewing. Finish your meal, help clear the table, if there are going to be little kids there, hide some Easter Eggs for them, or if the weather is nice take a walk after dinner, there you'll have some activity points and if you just have to have that dessert, then you have earned it. Don't eat until you are so stuff you have to be hauled away from the table. Eat until you get your ''sigh'', and stop. I have faith that we can enjoy our holidays, without it becoming a time to pig out.
Keep going forward, not backwards. Wishing Everyone a great Tuesday.
Joan 3rd. Row

Monday, April 6, 2009

Plan Ahead, so you Don't get Left Behind.

I don't care what team you pull for, we all have to be very, very proud of the Lady Cards, they went all the way. How exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fail to Plan......Plan to Fail
Good Morning W.W.F.F.
To begin with I welcomed Mary and Emily here yesterday, but I'm pretty sure Mary Mac didn't get the e-mail due to I did not enter it correctly in my address book. Sorry about that Mary, so hope today this one gets to you.
I had a different quote ready for this morning, but when I saw the Lady Cards won the tournament, I remembered at several meetings the above quote has been used, and since we are coming upon another ''eating'' weekend or at least Easter Sunday, thought it would be a good quote to use.
It's not too early to begin to plan our attack on what foods we will and will not eat on Easter Sunday. I'm in good shape due to I'll be the one doing the cooking and there will only be three of us here for Easter Dinner, and all the leftovers will go home with Marc. So my plan is much easier than most, and I don't have to deal with what someone else is preparing.
Now with all that being said, it is not just the holidays and special occasions we have to plan, we need to, and really have to, plan every single day so we don't hit the pot holes, detours, and drop offs on our weight loss journey. Planning,Being prepared, & Moderation is the key to this whole eating thing. We have to eat, but we really need to take the idea of ''EATING TO LIVE", not as I have done all my life, ''LIVED TO EAT" and put it to work for us.
So plan ahead, get in attack mode. DO NOT let one meal turn into a lifetime. (Thanks Becky, I love that quote).
Wishing everyone a great day.
Joan 3rd. Row

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Saturday's weigh in

Bob and I had made plans to go visit Ruthann and the family on Saturday, so I never got over here to my blog. So this afternoon, I just wanted to write down that I was down .4 pounds for last week. I'm happy with that, due to its a loss.

Failure/Success 04-05-09

I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And
that is why I succeed. Michael Jordan , American businessman & Basketball player
Good Morning W.W.F.F., (Weight Watcher Friends Forever),
First off, want to welcome Emily (whose moving to Iowa, you will be missed) and Mary to our little group. We welcome you both, and hope you enjoy our daily e-mails, and anytime jump right in.
We missed Rhonda, Edi, Denise (who was on Spring Break), Jana, where were you, did you and the doggies walk all the way to China, and forget to come back? I feel like there was others missing, but it 4:50 a.m. and my brain is not awake just yet. So if you were not at yesterday's w.w. meeting, we missed you.
Love the above quote, loaned to me by Cara, and with the stress we put ourselves under to succeed, I find it refreshing to know that someone like Michael Jordan had times that he felt as if he was failing.
There was a lot of talk about candy, cake, all those things that we normally don't eat and having them....if we want them...on special occasions. I for one, have finally come to realize after a lifetime of kidding myself, that I can no longer have those special treats at anytime. If I do, then I have that monkey on my back all over again. When people talk about ''you know how it taste", yep, that is the problem, I know how it taste. I so envy people that can eat their favorite things and do it in moderation.
I took a big bowl of strawberries down to my sister's, I had sliced them sweetened them with splenda, and she knew I was bring them, and she made a yellow cake to serve with them. Have to tell you all I was so very proud of myself due to I never even ate any of the strawberries and stayed away from the cake all together. In fact, after tracking my food for yesterday on my e-tools, I came up with 3 points leftover yesterday, and didn't dip into the 35 bonus points at all. Never, Never has that happened to me when I've gone to visit my sister. It is those N.S.V.'s that are helping to keep me on track, as well as, I have finally come to terms with the things I can no longer have, and not long ago that would have made me feel sad, but today, I feel like a SUCCESS story just about ready to be told.
Wishing everyone a great day, and a great week.
Joan 3rd. row.