Thursday, December 3, 2009


"Most days we measure our progress in inches not miles."
BJ Gallagher
During the last leg of the Bermuda Triangle I think if we can measure our progress in inches, then we are ahead of the game. So whatever you have done, whether it has been tracking, maybe even parking a bit further away from the stores, or just taking that one less handful of candy from your co-workers desk. Pat yourself on the back. It is the little things we do that will help us to survive this time of year.
If you are falling down and having trouble getting back up, I assure you, ''you are not alone." For whatever reason yesterday I just could not get enough to eat. I had gone to the gym, had to rush to get Bob ready for the day, since I had my mammogram scheduled for 8:30. With all my rushing around I forgot to eat breakfast. I had my banana before going to the gym, even had an apple on the way back home, but the protein was missing. Yesterday I ate all around the house and could not get full, and it never dawned on me until I was ready for bed last night what my problem was. I have to have my protein. So today, I am making sure I get my protein in. I was mad at myself, due to it was dumb of me, but then I thought about it and decided, ''I did do other things yesterday that were on the good health guidelines." It is a never ending battle, one that we all will conquer at times and at times it will conquer us. Ask yourself this question today....what two or three little things can I do today that will move me forward?" For me, the gym, making sure I eat my protein, and making sure I drink my water, which here lately has been suffering. We have to remember ''the little things we do add up; the small steps become giant steps."

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  1. Joan, you were the Brilliant Blogger on my blog post today! Thank you for always saying the words I need to hear :)