Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I decided to take a stand, this morning at our gym. From the time I joined the gym, going on two years now. We never were told ''you cannot use the pool alone." In fact, the first time I ever went into the pool, I questioned the staff on ''being in the pool alone." I was told, ''no problem we can watch you on the screen here at the desk." Now I am not a swimmer, I walk in the water from one end of the pool to the other, and I use the water weights. Great for my joints, and since just last year I had both a hip replacement and a total knee replacement, the water exercise is just perfect.

Now I am one of those 5 a.m. people that goes to the gym, and that is my time, my time to do the pool. So back in the Summer the gym announced ''according to the city no one can be in the pool by themselves." So long story short, I have not been able to do the pool, due to 5 a.m. or earlier is my only time. I have been seeing others in the pool by themselves, and I am one that totally believes in rules and regulations, and I firmly believe those rules and regulations are there for our safety, however, I also believe those same rules and regulations are for EVERYONE. So this morning, I decided, 'I need the pool, I am gong to do the pool", and that is exactly what I did.

Sometimes we just have to stand up for ourselves.

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  1. " We create our own Destiny"

    Good on you Joan if you want to swim that pool...you swim that pool! It annoys me when you see others break the rules and get away with it - it makes me think we are all gods creatures!

    Anyway I want to wish you happy holidays and I will be back reading you in 2010!

    All the best