Wednesday, December 2, 2009


"Our journey of live is called progress, NOT perfection."
BJ Gallagher
Here we are second day of December, it's Wednesday, so how is your week going so far. Are you still fighting off all those office & school goodies that everyone continues to bring in? It is a battle, one we have to fight every single day, whether it's a holiday or not. Even if it were not December, we all know there would be something at work, school or just in life we would have to be celebrating and grant you food would be at the center of that celebration.
I have come to terms that no way we are going to be perfect on this journey. Oh there will be some weeks, we will actually be the poster children for Weight Watchers, but I believe the best we can hope for right now is just to be progressive. Doing our tracking, getting in our activity, and trying our best to just take one handful of those red and green M&M's that our co-worker feels the need to have sitting on their desk.
Remember this....It's not about doing one thing 100% better; It's a matter of doing 100 things, 1% better each day.

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  1. When I am in the "zone" and progression is taking place ( Stand back folks Diet in Progress) I find myself so committed, so positive and so fuelled with the I CAN DO IT!

    Then a little voice from somewhere deep inside ( well not that deep as it rears it's head from time to time!) has me eating something wrong, I instantly feel like I have poisoned my system and the self guilt floods me!
    But the difference today was after reading your post and after falling off the diet wagon I took myself out ( dragged myself out!) and walked for almost 2 hours and now I am back on track. All in the same day. Hard on the soul but necessary to just get back up again!
    Good luck with your struggles. It is not easy this food control gig! Karen