Monday, December 7, 2009


Here we go, it's Monday again. I am up dressed and ready for the gym, but I keep wondering if it's time for me to look at another gym. I've been going to Urban Active for nearly two year's now. I began as soon as they opened up the new one here. They have a pool and I was using the pool at least twice, maybe three times week. The resistance exercise was great for my joints. Now they won't allow us in the pool until 8 a.m., well since I am there at 5 a.m., that just does not work for me.

So now I am thinking, ''since all I do is either some weight's and the elliptical, then why not go to the place that I can get into anytime I want?" The monthly fee is less as well. The place is not as large, but for what I need what does that really matter?

Always something to think about here. I know I have to go to the gym, it's something about having to actually leave the house and go there. I've had the equipment here at home before, but it always became a place to hang my laundry.

Maybe it is a time for a change.

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