Wednesday, December 30, 2009

12-30-09.....The last Wednesday of 2009

I have to sit back and wonder, ''where on earth did this year go?" So many things have gone on here just this year.

In January of this year. We had an ice storm, that had our power knocked out for six days. All we had for warmth was the fireplace. Bob and I were the only two people in our building that stuck it out. The outside temperatures dropped to 3 above. I had then began going off sugar as well. Had us a little Coleman cook stove on the patio to be able to make coffee and meals. I remained sugar free. Bob and I survived the ice storm of 2009.

I made my trip to Oregon, wonderful time. Best two weeks, I've had since the first time I got to go. Did really good on that trip, did not fall off my healthy eating wagon, due to my friend was watching what she ate as well.

In July I became a Weight Watcher Lifetime member, and so far have been able to remain 10 pounds under the goal I had set for myself. Yes, these last few months have been somewhat of a struggle, but I am rebounding, and that feels wonderful.

In September, we celebrated Bob's 90th birthday with a huge party. Great time, great birthday cake and great mixed drinks. That was my first sugar since January of this year. From there it has been a constant battle, but as of this morning I have 4 full days without sugar, and even though I am tired from the withdrawals, I know each day I will become stronger and more in control.

Most everything that has happened to me in 2009 has been good. Sure there are some bad things, but I chose not to ponder on those. I want to look only at the positive things, and plan for new adventures in 2010.

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