Monday, December 21, 2009


Here we are four days until Christmas. Since I am up I count this day as almost over, lol lol.

Yesterday I began my day, with a healthy breakfast, then getting busy with cleaning out the pantry, cabinets and the 'fridge. I was feeling pretty proud of myself, but before the day was over I had given into some old evils. This is the thing I hate most about myself, is I just cannot seem to resist the sweet stuff, and I know the effect it has upon my body. Not only weight gain, but mood swings, body aches and pains, but yet, for that moment of sheer essence, I give in. Strange to say the least.

Today is a new day, I get a ''do over'' so I am off to the gym in a bit and will try my best today to do what is right and good for my body.

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