Wednesday, December 16, 2009


The closer it gets to Christmas the busier the world seems to become. Today I did the pool exercises again, this time 3 other people showed up as well, so I was not in the pool by myself very long.

Someone told me today they felt like a failure. Sometimes I wonder if people say things such as that for sympathy or do they actually feel that badly about themselves. I am a firm believer in ''a person can only be a failure if they truly give up all together." I have know a few, and it has been a very few true failures in my lifetime, so when people call themselves failures, I have to wonder.....have you never made any contribution to life????

Another thing I have noticed about people and this time of year, is how depression seems to run wild. I have stated before, I love the holidays, it is a time for giving, not of material things, but giving of your time, your talents, just giving a kind word.

Karen, hope you have a wonderful holiday as well, and I hope only the best for anyone and everyone that drops by to read my thoughts.

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  1. Those other pool users were probably waiting for someone so they wouldn't be alone so good on you for getting everyone swimming.

    I think people don't look at the full picture of their lives when they say that.

    Wish you the best too and enjoy your posts.